Washoe Community Education

Conferences, Events and Series

Take your daughter our for a memorable evening, achieve your writing dreams or hunt for ghosts!

Enrich your life with these three distinctive events that have become northern Nevada traditions.

Royal Father-Daughter Ball
Enjoy this northern Nevada tradition with that special girl in your life. Registration for this event opens in July.

Nevada Paranormal Series
Enjoy some Halloween fun with classes in ghost hunting techniques, psychic abilities and more every September and October.

TMCC Writers' Conference
This premiere event, which has assisted writers for more than two decades, brings in the West's best editors, agents and writers each April to share their expertise with you.

Expand Your Understanding of the Other Side
The Nevada Paranormal Series offers a wealth of classes, and investigations.

In September and October, explore the world of ghost hunting, psychic development and paranormal history with 11 courses designed to make you question your perceptions of reality and the afterlife.

2015 Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series lineup

  • Ghost Hunting 101: Lake Mansion
  • How Spirits Engage Us
  • Virginia City Ghost Hunt Field Trip
  • Virginia City Evening Historical Tour and Ghost Hunt
  • Expand Your Consciousness
  • Develop Your Psychic Abilities
  • Energy Circle
  • Cemeteries and Tombstones Tour: Dayton and Genoa
  • Haunted Nevada Hotspots: Histories
  • Spiritualism in Early Nevada
  • Ghosts, God and the Afterlife

Many of our most popular courses sell out well in advance. See class details or register now!

Royal Father-Daughter Ball
Give your daughter a lifetime of warm memories

On Dec. 5, spend a magical evening with your little girl dancing, tasting royal treats and taking part in a raffle. This semi-formal dance is designed for girls—from kindergarten through sixth grade—and their fathers, grandfathers or special friends. Your child will receive a special gift, plus you can purchase photo memories and flowers to make the evening an extra special event that you will both remember for a lifetime.

Register today as this event sells out months in advance.

Here's what other parents had to say about the Royal Father-Daughter Ball:

"For three years my husband and daughter have been going to the father-daughter dances. The first one was my idea because of the memories they would make. Afterward, my husband thanked me so much. They both had so much fun. Now I ask, 'the ball is coming up want to go?' A grin on my husband's face means 'yes.' Thank you for all the years of memories you've given us so far." – Arwyn P.

"Your event provides a great service to so many fathers and daughters and their opportunity to not only bond, but for fathers to establish what their daughters should expect of any man later in life." – Mitch B.

"Thank you so very much for a wonderful time at the Royal Father-Daughter Ball. My two daughters and I have attended the last 4 years and this year's ball was our favorite. I don't have a single complaint and am absolutely gushing with praise." – David K.

Even the DJ raved about our event!

"Thanks for letting me be a part of it. I had a blast! It is quite a rush for a DJ to have a dance floor rocking all night, to see the proud dads and their daughters and to contribute in a small way to local education." – K.C. Bouchard